Here at Elevated Sportz, we truly enjoy getting involved with clubs, causes, events & people that make up our neighbourhood. We participate and ensure we support our local community as often as possible.

One of the ways we give back is through donations to non-profit organizations & Schools. Please fill out our donation form and attach an official donation request on the organization’s letterhead to see how Elevated Sportz can help with your non-profit event.

Please understand that we cannot fulfill every request as we receive hundreds each year. Each year we reevaluate charities and organizations that are a priority to us and in line with our values.

fundraising events :

Donation request deadlines - submit requests by:

Dec 1 for events between Jan and Jun of the following year
Jun 1 for events between July and Dec of same year

Donation Request Form Below
Elevated Sportz would love to help raise funds for local schools and non-profit organizations. Please provide information about your fundraising event. Our representative will contact you shortly. Requests without completed information and procurement form will not be reviewed. Thank you.




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